Super Nova Introduction

A Narrative-Driven VR Rhythm Game

What would movies like Grease or Inception be without music? Music helps tell the story. It helps us feel part of the world we are watching or playing. Have you ever wished that your life was like a musical or music video? This desire is what makes games like Dance, Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero so iconic.

Now combine that world of music with that of a music video, a musical game narrative, and RPG game elements for a truly cohesive musical experience, a game where you are both DJ and action hero.

Super Nova is a story-driven VR rhythm game inspired by PaRappa the Rapper. The game not only aims to stir nostalgia within old fans, but also allow non-traditional rhythm game fans to enjoy the genre.

Why do we spell the game Super Nova and not Supernova? Well, that’s because the player will play J. Solomon, a normal, everyday marketing specialist being chased by an evil sentient being in the form of a Super Sport (SS) ‘69 Chevy Nova. The gameplay will take the player through a chaotic musical landscape with a sense of paranoia and dream-like states—always having to look over your shoulder because the Chevy Nova villain wants to kill you with their evil music.

The game demo (AKA the tutorial level) for Super Nova features a Hip-Hop rap battle level with two play modes. The first mode consists of the player blocking incoming notes materializing from the non-playable characters (NPC) mad rap skills. The second mode, which is meant to be the spiritual successor to PaRappa the Rapper, has the player playing a “Note Highway” with their hands in VR. This note highway interface fits lyrics, percussion sounds, and guitar/keyboard sounds into the song. The last verse will feature a boss mode where the player must rap battle the Chevy Nova.

Super Nova Narrative

Story Summary

Super Nova Alley Way Menu

Super Nova is a story about a man being chased by drones, police, military personnel, U.S. Marshals, and agents from the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security. Is the player being chased by an evil antagonist who drives a black ’69 Chevy Nova SS, or is the car itself alive, killing anyone and destroying anything in its path to find the protagonist? This is a story of a man to find out the truth behind the musical distortions that permeate reality.

At the end of the narrative, we find out that it is thousands of years in the future and the protagonist is an alien pilot lost in a holographic trance state in which he is exploring Earth’s history as J. Solomon, our protagonist. While deep in a holographic exploration of the information his probe is sending back, our sun goes critical and is about to explode in one titanic explosion— a supernova! The massive radiation emanating from the dying star has made the ship’s computer malfunction, turning off the autopilot and losing direct communication with the pilot on the holodeck. In an attempt to reach Solomon and make him aware of reality, the ship has inserted a murderous sentient Chevy Nova to chase after him to represent the inevitable supernova explosion of the sun.

He then uses clues from his ship’s computer to finally wake up from his semi—dream state and escape the supernova.

Super Nova is a mashup of different time periods to lend to a dream like state and has a stylistic, cartoonish style mixed with Art Deco. It is meant to be a musical exploration of human history and mash-up of a few different time periods based upon the story above.

Super Nova Demo Beta v1.0

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